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The last time I got on the scale I was 159.0 pounds. I can’t wait to weigh in tomorrow. 

I am planning my meals for tomorrow. We don’t have much in the house though. I need to go grocery shopping ASAP, but it’s hard because I can’t bring the baby anywhere until his immune system gets stronger. Eh. 

Breakfast = Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal, 1 Banana 

Lunch = 1/2c Turkey Salad, 1 Apple 

Snack = Celery with Peanut Butter 

Dinner is undecided. I’ll have to make something for both my husband and myself. I’ll scrounge around here for something. 

I have a doctors appointment for Braydon tomorrow around 3pm. So, I’m just believing in the power of my God that he’s gained some more weight. He weighed 5 lbs 13 oz at birth and by the second day we were in the hospital he went down to 5 lbs 8 oz then at the doctors appointment he weighed 5 lbs even and thankfully he gained to 5 lbs 4 oz but when we went on Friday he went back down one ounce to 5 lbs 3 oz … We are lucky not to have been admitted to the hospital. Praying he’s gained! 


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Sunday 04/22/2012

breakfast = a handful of almonds, a large banana, and green tea

lunch = a huge bartlett pear and about half a cup of turkey salad 

dinner = mcdonald’s 3 piece chicken selects meal and two ranch dipping sauce 

* I will be the first to tell you that today was a suck-ish day eating wise. I had to wake up super early this morning to help with the worship team because our main worship leader was out of town. I was supposed to lead this sunday, but they called in a rookie to help me out because I was not supposed to go in because I had my baby A WEEK AGO. Anyways, it was no big deal and I didn’t mind helping but it sort of just threw my whole day off. Then my husband and I are starving here because I have not had the time to go grocery shopping, so we splurged major on McDonald’s. Haha. That’s about it, I haven’t been feeling very hungry lately. I have just been super thirsty thirsty thirsty. 


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4 oz gain!

Braydon gained 4 whole ounces! We are so happy about that! He is eating great now! I am pumping milk instead because he just has some issues latching. And, we are supplementing with some formula. 

# My little model… That’s the blue light from the Billy Reuben test.

My little model… That’s the blue light from the Billy Reuben test.

Anonymous: praying for gorgeous baby braydon!

Thank you!!! We SO appreciate it!